BNL revolutionizes the traditional barter concept by facilitating direct trade between parties. We do this through our unique currency called BNL Trade Dollars that can be spent with-in the closed economy of our industry leading barter exchange.

Our Certified Trade Brokers work to identify new sales opportunities and determine key spending areas where our members can most effectively use their BNL Trade Dollars.

Bartering with BNL is comparable to service offered by a bank or credit card company except that unlike your bank, we’ll find you new business. The value of your BNL Trade Dollar is recognized by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as equivalent to one cash dollar.

So why barter with BNL?

Here are our top three reasons why you must join our exclusive group of BNL members.

* We will bring your business new sales. Our typical account obtains $25,000.00 in new trade business annually.

* We will improve your cash position by allowing you to spend BNL Trade Dollars on what you need. Remember your cash is no good here!

* We will allow you to sell overstocked inventory or available professional time that is currently yielding no return. Why not convert your stock or time for items or services your business or you require?